• 42th Anniversary Special Project "Thank You Set Contained by Romant of Mush"

      3990 yen (excluding tax)

      1964 Tokyo Olympics Yoyogi player village participation memorial

      Romant course of Mush

      It was also introduced on TV

      Popular QdeQ steak Volume beef loin

      Thank you course


      Salad of pleasure

      QdeQ Steak French Brown sauce

      Super food rice

      Special dessert

      Coffee or tea

      For a limited time

      To customers who order Thank YOU course

      20% discount 630 yen (excluding tax)

      "Potage of popular seaweed"

      Serving 780 yen (tax excluded)

    • 9500 yen (excluding tax)


      Somehow Potage of Popular Wakame

      Grilled Escargot Amando

      Shrimp with shrimp prawn with Guryee finselbe

      Granite for reviving

      Powder sauce truffle of brand beef fillet


      Special dessert

      Coffee or tea

    • 6500 (excluding tax)


      Seaweed's potage

      Combination of Scottish smoked salmon and highland vegetables

      Granite for reviving

      Cattle's cheek meat Bordeleze


      Dessert Special

      Coffee or tea

    • "Welcome to Shinshu!" Nagano hotel guests Only menu

      2990 yen (excluding tax)

      If you stay at Hotel Nagano Avenue please show the key of your room

      Other accommodation guests, please contact us

      "Welcome to Shinshu - Limited menu for hotel guests"

      ~ With one drink ~ Lunch or dinner time

      There is a free drink service of "Cafe & Tea BAR" for lunchtime.

      First of all, please choose your favorite drink from the following

      * Glass white wine * Glass red wine * Apple juice * Black oolong tea

      · Amuse

      · Somehow popular potage

      · Wonderful Mr. QdeQ steak

      French brown sauce to fine beef loin

      · Super food rice

      Tailor made Koshihikari herbs of Shinshu

      【Wonderful Mr. QdeQ Steak】

      In 1964 Tokyo Olympics Yoyogi player village

      I will be in charge of cooking for each country player

      Romantic steak of Mush which made an active part

      (We reproduce it a little at that time and we offer it)