• "Mischief of the fairy pack"

      3990 yen (excluding tax)

      With a feeling of gratitude and keeping the price unchanged

      Course of 3990 yen


      Hors d'oeuvres "One dish of coolness"

      A calm potage "Sand Leion"

      Poire-provence of the seafood fortune


      Cow's Voldreise

      Super food rice

      Special dessert

      Coffee or tea

    • "Marriage Marching"

      9500 yen (excluding tax)


      Hors d'oeuvres "Saison"

      Potage of popular seaweed

      Shrimp prawns classic sauce

      Granite 's reborn "YAKIRINGO"

      Powder of brand beef fillet


      Duck Rotie -


      Special dessert

      Coffee or tea

    • Praise of lunch Sabrina "Hamburger rice"

      1500 yen (excluding tax)

      100% hamburger steak of domestic beef

      We cooked rice with Nagano prefecture finished with super food


      Mademoiselle Miho with petite dessert

      Carefully selected world coffee & tea free bar

    • Volume lunch set

      2500 yen (tax not included) Special offer price

      Introduction on TV

      Potage of popular seaweed

      Mr. QdeQ steak

      Selected world coffee & tea free bars

      * When changing to fish 500 yen plus

    • Dinner set

      2800 yen (excluding tax)

      【Dinner Set】

      1964 Olympic Games Tokyo Competition

      Musche mascot menu that was active as a chef of each national player

      Salad of pleasure

      Mr. QdeQ steak

      Includes super food rice