• Private Room

    We will prepare a special private room tailored to the scene

    Number of people who can accommodate: 5 to 25 people:

    Family meals

    Use by entertainment

    Various banquets / welcome reception party

    Wedding · Small group reception · Wedding

    Second session

    Your law

    In addition, please consult the planning

  • Main dining room

    Lunch time is sunny in the sun

    Chandelier sparkle for dinner time


    For all meals · dinner

    Various banquets, weddings, conferences & dinner etc.

    Number of people that can be accommodated: 1 to 50 people

  • Romantic table

    Two birthday · anniversary · propose ...

    Benjamin of the heart-shaped window

    Please give us a special time for you

    Consultation of production, arrangement of flowers etc.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us

  • Music salon

    Please use it for meal and enjoy music recital

    The recital by the music classroom

    We have accepted many requests

    Children's practical presentation

    An adult recital

    Christmas presentation

    Please plan with meals or a set of sweets

  • Party Room

    Up to 80 people for standing, within the shop where you can sit up to 60 seats

    Opening a private room and spacious dining