• Simply Elegance Restaurant Mariage

    1 person 3990 yen ~ Tax separately, service charge separately

    Beyond Qurdoquel beyond time

    The path of spinning love's love

    As a long-established store in French, over 3 generations of parents and children

    "Quedoquel" being loved

    I have been leading the way in Paris and Tokyo

    Owner Shuff Mush and

    The sophisticated hospitality of my daughter's Patissiere

    It will be able to revive the emotion of the day whenever you visit

    Also, Madam, who produces a happy novelist

    Supporters of the two minds after marriage

    To be bride forever ...

  • "Futari color"

    Original wedding

    Time to remain in mind

    Hospitality that remains in the mind

    "Wedding of the two" color

    Please do not hesitate to contact us

  • Vow

    Relatives, colleagues of the company, in front of your friends

    I will swear from now

    A warm blessing from all the participants

    You can also make public wedding ceremonies

    Only your wedding

    Of Wakon family wedding relatives wedding

    In various styles

    We will also introduce your wedding planner at your request

    We do not accept bring-in fee for introduction fee, dress or flower in Quedquel

  • Free seat layout

    Celebration venue with making Takasago

    The bride and groom are also close to those who invited

    At home atmosphere

    Two people

    Seated close to the feelings of your family

  • Elegant arrival

    We will call a limousine on request.

  • Wedding anniversary silver wedding golden platinum marriage

    For memories and the future two

    I have a queenquel

    Many couples who were wedding at our shop are customer

    Please visit us every year on your wedding anniversary

    While being dined

    Time slip on the day of starting

    ~ Please come over lunch time ~

  • Celebration Wedding Cake Crocan Bush
  • Fresh wedding cake with many requests