• BONJOUR !! 42nd anniversary thanks!

    In 1976, Mush & Madam came home quietly to Shinshu, where he opened a small bistro in Nitta-cho, Nagano-shi. To the community as a celebration To the local people Tokyo has acted for free for a couple of Akasaka's espresso cuisine for a cheerful start. Since then, I am glad to thank you for your gratitude that many people got patronage and welcomed me today.

    As Mush & Madam also entered the old-fashioned border gradually, it has stopped working as though the hands and feet are working, but Mademoiselle Miho is building a fresh and surprising table with the experience of studying abroad in Paris, France for four years. Musch & Family continues to run as you would like to have the word "delicious" "fun" from customers.

    This summer, exciting excitement

    Please come to the table at Que dokueel dream

    We are waiting for you

  • 1967 Tokyo Olympic Games

    The appearance of the Olympic Games seen in the eatery in the athlete's village

    I thought that this is the Olympics as a chef is that the preservation method at the kitchen was evolving to each stage. It was the first time I was born to see [frozen spinach]. It is the moment when advanced technology enters Japanese food.

    Also, I thought that the chefs with skillful skills from all over Japan are unique to the Olympic Games.

    "Sukiyaki" was acted on the final day as an episode symbolizing this, but since the cooking method is different depending on the chef's place of birth, it is said that there were as many chefs as seasoning.

    In this way the chefs in Japan

    In order to welcome customers all over the world,

    It was the Tokyo competition that we formed tags for the first time.

    Also, the area where meals are served was divided by country and region is different from today. Each of the 2 dining halls was divided into 6 sections, 12 sections in total. But, as we approach the end of the tournament, the friends who fought together will be able to develop friendship. It is impressive that the number of athletes who gradually went to other areas gradually increased.

    Like the present from the beginning

    "Dining room with no fence"

    "Communication-capable dining hall"

    I think that it is an ideal form

  • Struggling to season the kimchi · · ·

    "Fuji eatery" to which I was assigned provided meals for Asian players. The steak and fried shrimp were popular there. Another hors d'oeuvres, salads, 5 to 6 kinds of bread, milk was the basic menu for making athletes' bodies, so it became empty at the moment. On the other hand, because Japanese food was not yet recognized worldwide at that time, now there is no standard sushi in the menu.

    At that time most of the people did not go abroad and there were many dishes I never ate. Especially seasoned with kimchi, I was in trouble with this. At that time, because there was no knowledge about Korean food, players sometimes taught. Also, when making curry which is the main dish of Indian players, unlike Japanese curry, we repeatedly devised to give a smooth feel. There were plenty of spices I had never seen, and every chef was shining eyes. I think that all of the cooks there, including me, really got a valuable experience.

  • Morning egg dish. Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, hams eggs, bacon eggs, omelets ...

    Even if you make it or ②

    The number of people waiting has just increased, and I could hardly make it in time. The kitchen was turned into another stadium. The student part-time workers who were showing on the floor were quickly becoming blue in the long line.

    Also, preparation of breakfast the next day will be done after dinner service is over, but it was working everyday to break up eggs for 50 people beforehand so that bacon can be roasted immediately .

    It was the first time for anyone at that time to make such a meal at a time, so it was a very shocking experience.

    The athletes' village cafeteria's work ranges from the preparation stage to the tournament performance,

    It was only about a month

    In my life

    と I think that it was among the longest and maximum possibilities ❞

  • A month of making even if you make it

    The impressive one is the extraordinary amount of meal

    Now that the cafeteria form became commonplace

    The first introduction to Olympic athlete village

    It was a Tokyo competition

    Nowadays the standard style is also the first time at the time that the athlete takes the necessary nutrition according to his own competition and physical condition as much as needed, and what kind of eat world athletes eat, how to eat honestly, I could not read it. Information was overwhelmingly lacking.

    Every day I was chased by cooking anyway.


  • Over 60 years

    Every special episode of the chef Mush

    1964 (Showa 39) October 10

    Asia's first Olympic Games Tokyo competition

    It has the largest number of 94 countries and 5133 players in history

    In the athletes village established at Yoyogi Park, there are two large cantens, "Fuji Restaurant" and "Cherry Shop". Musch who worked at Karuizawa Mihira Hotel was selected as the youngest (23 years old) as a meal representative at the Fuji dining hall from Mr. Nobuo Murakami, Mr. Nobuo Murakami, head co-chairman of the Empire of the Empire.

    When I answered, "I would like to be a specialist anything can be done," asked Murakami chef who I am seeing for the first time "What kind of cook do you want to be?", It was said yesterday that "I will work together in the athletes village" It reminds me like that.

    Actually, at that time, the Buddha was decided at the Japanese Embassy in Paris, but as I met with the Murakami Chef, I thought that it might not exist for the Olympic athletes everyday, I saw it. The Olympics change their lives and connect the past with the future ...

    Thus the life of Mush has been greatly reworked

    To the many episodes that can not be forgotten for the rest of my life

    To meet up

    In 1969 after the Olympic Games, six cooks from Japan came to France. Mr. Nobuo Murakami, one of them, went to Hotel Ritz. Mush to Maximpopari. Mr. Murakami was strange to me through the Tokyo Olympic Games.


    (⁂) Mr. Nobuo Murakami / Pioneer presence of French cooking world in Japan who served as the general chef of the Imperial Hotel. He is 84 years old.

  • Creating French cuisine with Shinshu unique food ingredients

    Unchanged concept since opening in 1976

    The owner chef has experience in charge of national players at the Tokyo Olympics Yoyogi Athletes village in 1964 under charge by the youngest person under the Imperial Hotel Murakami chef.

    Experienced chefs offer cuisine full of individuality that loves nature and culture of Shinshu and combines romance. No matter when you visit there will be fresh surprises.

    Banquet from the meal with important people in the store

    Spacious space that can even wedding

    It is possible to talk about the production according to various scenes

    French restaurant with a warm atmosphere